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What Students Have to Say…

Marie is an amazing teacher! I have studied with 4 previous professional teachers, so I can make good comparisons. I love Marie because she genuinely cares about her students, really! She never lets any of her students leave their lessons confused. Marie is also very skilled at motivating her students. She doesn’t just teach to teach, she teaches so her students really enjoy learning.

- Michelle Hawkins

Marie’s piano studio is a great place to learn piano. I have been taking piano lessons from Marie Harris for five years. I am still taking lessons and now work as one of her assistants. Throughout my lessons, I have not only learned to love the piano, but have also learned a lot of people skills from Marie. Aside from being an extremely adept teacher, she is always patient and encouraging when she talks to the kids. She creates a positive, friendly atmosphere in the studio, ensuring that all of her students enjoy their lessons. I look forward to learning more from Marie.

- Mo Barrett

Marie is so awesome! She uses fun ways to teach us. She uses incentives with piano money and the best candy. We get a really big trophy for practicing when we reach our goal. Marie has the best and most fun recitals in town!

- Bill McConnell

What Parents Have to Say…

Marie is very organized and aware of my daughter’s needs. She makes sure the students are happy with what they are playing, but does not compromise on Technique or Theory (not my daughter’s favorite). Marie adjusts music choices to fit student preference because she knows how important those things are, and somehow Marie makes it fun for her! She’s a wonderful teacher who really cares. 

- Ginger Smith

We have been very impressed by Marie. She is not just a great piano teacher but also a good friend. She encourages and supports her students. She attends student performances at church and school, as well as outside activities her students are involved in. She mentors students individually. She provides fun piano camps and group activities. Many strong friendships have been formed though the activities she provides for her students. Marie is very effective at becoming a part of every family she teaches.

- Kristine Sharp

Marie Harris is a wonderful piano teacher. Our daughter has taken lessons and student taught for her for four years and just recently earned her 60 point Gold Cup from the UFMC. She is the first student in the Sandy A Area to earn that honor and could not have done it without Marie’s love, support, and endless hours of time. Marie put in more hours than I can count of additional time to help her prepare for her federation competitions and for participation in AIM. But even more, she has mentored our daughter into becoming a fabulous teacher in her own right. Everyone knows that the teacher always learns more than the students, and Marie gives that opportunity to her advanced students. I know of no other teacher that shares that experience with future music teachers. Even if our daughter never teaches piano lessons, having the opportunity to do it with Marie has taught her things she could not have learned in a traditional lesson setting. Marie always says her students are her other children, and for our daughter, Marie has been another mother. We will ever be grateful to Marie for the kind, patient, and selfless person she is.

- Kathy Hawkins