Teaching Style

Where Music and Imagination Meet

I hold weekly lessons in my home piano studio. Each student has a three-ring binder containing technique, assignment sheets, music terminology, reference materials, and staff paper.

Unique to my studio are teacher assistants. They are selected from my older students and/or others who are qualified to assist me. The use of teacher assistants is two fold. First, teacher assistants allow flexibility and meet the needs  of multiple students. Second, the teacher assistants themselves gain valuable teaching experience. This arrangement allows total of 40 minutes of piano time for each student and 20 min off bench activities.

Students from Beginning to Early Intermediate levels will have one hour lessons with three other students.

During the lesson time, Students rotate every 20 minutes: which gives the student the most ideal and well rounded lessons.
• 20 minutes of technique material, music terms, and theory
• 20 minutes working on performance pieces
• 20 minutes – off the bench activities, use of technology, educational iPad apps ie; sight-reading, music history, composers, and theory-based games etc.
If students are not scheduled in a rotating lesson with three students, then two students are scheduled in an hour and switch places at 30 min.

Students who are Intermediate to Advanced levels have private one-on-one lessons with me. These lessons are 45 minutes.