Marie's Policies

Giving the gift of music to children is one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life!

Policies Update

Piano Lessons are by appointment only, for students K-12

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Student Commitment

Regular practice is imperative to learn how to play proficiently. Practicing recommendation that may differ based on their level, potential, and ability. Quality practicing is what is important, not quantity. At least 5 days a week is required.


Check your e-mail regularly. I often communicate through email and/or through texting. If you need to miss a lesson, please notify me as soon as possible.

Recitals and Performances

Under normal circumstances, I hold four exciting annual recitals and other performance opportunities are available during the year.

Tuition & Fee’s

Piano Tuition: is a monthly flat rate of $130 is due whether your child attends his/her lesson or not. Tuition remains the same each month and is based on a 12 month period, that is divided into monthly payment installments. Your monthly tuition reserves you the lesson day and time for your son/daughter.

Theory Club Classes: are separate from regular piano lessons and a separate fee. Classes run for six weeks at a time. Contact Marie for more details. Studio Materials Fee: per student is required for each academic year of $50.00. This fee enables me to provide students with incentives, handouts, recital hall fees, online subscription apps, etc.

New Students: one time $20 Binder Fee. Includes all documents needed for student.

Payment options: Stripe, Venmo, Apple Pay, online bill pay through your bank, personal checks made to Marie’s Piano Studio, and PayPal using the family and friends option.


Tuition is a flat rate due the first week of the month, regardless of the number of lessons in each month. Tuition received after the 10th day of the month will be assessed as a $10 late fee and will be added to your next month’s invoice. Your monthly tuition reserves your time slot on my teaching schedule.

Missed Lessons

Take advantage of using FaceTime, Zoom, or Rock out Loud Live or simply call to chat about your child’s progress during the time that is reserved for your child.

Discontinuing Lessons

In the event that there is a decision to discontinue lessons, either a one-month notice or a two-month lesson fee is required. This allows me a chance to fill the time slot and finish the lessons on a positive note for the student.

It is my sincere desire that my teaching and your support at home, we will form an effective team. Giving the gift of music to your child will be one of the most enjoyable experiences of a lifetime!

Summer Lessons

Students are expected to continue lessons during the summer month. If you choose to take the summer off, you will be put on my waiting list and will forfeit your set lesson time. If you continue through the summer, you will be guaranteed a spot at the beginning of the school year.


Photo & Video Release

From time to time, I will use photos or videos of my students on my website and other locations. e.g. FaceTime, Instagram, and YouTube. These are to highlight the accomplishments of the students learning. Students are only identified by the first name. If you wish to exempt your child’s imagery from being published, please let me know;